@thesis{thesis, author={HARMIN FABER and Togi }, title ={THE EFFECT OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING MODEL TYPE GROUP INVESTIGATION (GI) TO STUDENTS CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE ON STATIC FLUID TOPIC GRADE X SECOND SEMESTER IN SMA N 12 MEDAN A.Y 2018/2019}, year={2019}, url={http://digilib.unimed.ac.id/37043/}, abstract={This research aimed to analyze the Student?s Conceptual Knowledge using Cooperative Learning type Group Investigation and conventional learning and also to analyze whether students conceptual knowledge by using cooperative learning model type group investigation is greater than conventional learning in the subject matter Static Fluid. This research use a quasi experimental pretest and posttest with control design. The populations were 195 students grade XI-science in SMA N 12 Medan academic year 2018/2019. The samples consist of two classes, one class with 30 students as experiment class and one class as control class with 30 students, while the sampling technique used cluster random sampling. Research instrument used essay test. The result showed that Student?s Conceptual Knowledge in experiment class with Cooperative Learning type Group Investigation model had been significantly different from control class with conventional learning. In addition, the improvement of Cooperative Learning type Group Investigation in experiment class was greater than control class. This meant implementation Cooperative Learning type Group Investigation has a significant effect toward Student?s Conceptual Knowledge.} }