@thesis{thesis, author={ }, title ={Analisis Prioritas Pemeliharaan Jalan Kabupaten Dairi dengan Metode AHP dan GIS (Studi Kasus)}, year={2022}, url={}, abstract={Limited funds are often an obstacle in determining road maintenance priorities, including in Dairi Regency. In determining the order of road priorities, a method is needed regarding determining road priorities which will be carried out objectively so that maintenance is right on target. This study proposes the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method as a determinant of the priority order of road maintenance in Dairi Regency. with the criteria used are road conditions, Daily Traffic (LHR), road length, handling costs, and land use functions. From the results of the analysis, it is known that the order of the most influential criteria is the criteria for maintenance costs, road conditions, LHR, land use functions, and road length. The order of priority for road maintenance in the top 10 priorities is SP. A - Sinar Pagi (900301) as the first priority, then followed by Namo Sanggar - Liang Jering - Siudang Udang (900136) as the second priority, then Balai Desa Jl. Ampera - Pangguruan (900222), Pancur Nauli - Huta Ginjang (900035), Sidikalang - Sp. Tiga (900025), Tigalingga - Soban (900046), Pancur Nauli - PT. Wahana (900090), Sp. Tiga - Juma Teguh (900017), Sidikalang - Sp. Karing (900027), and Sp. Logan - Lae Basbas - Sinar Pagi (900094).} }