@thesis{thesis, author={Mochammad and Saadah Milatun Nikmatus and Teguh }, title ={TA : Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Penjadwalan Pengangkutan Sampah Pada Kabupaten Jombang}, year={2014}, url={https://repository.dinamika.ac.id/id/eprint/995/}, abstract={To create a clean environment, then it?s link to the waste problem. This problem is quietly serious because it can lead to such disastrous aftereffects resulting in death. There?s a mistake with the waste management that lack of consideration or basis for waste transportation scheduling especially with Armroll truck, which resulted in not optimal waste management, human resources and the means used. Dealing with the above problems, scheduling information system of waste transportation is indispensable. Which includes the selection of the fastest route using Floyd Warshal algoritm and Accelerated Linear Motion (GLBB) on waste transportation to produce a good and proper waste transportation scheduling for the determination of the route. With the application of information system in waste transportation scheduling in Jombang can optimize human resources and facilities used on waste transportation. Establishment of waste transportation schedule in accordance with the frequency of garbage collection every day and fastest route information with the result to facilitate truck driver to pass through the right path which must be taken up indirectly burden the budget can be reduced.} }