@thesis{thesis, author={CAMNAHAS Antonio}, title ={The Process of Handing Over a Part of the Jesuit Mission in Indonesia to the Society of the Divine Word and the Erection of the Apostolic Prefecture of the Lesser Sunda Islands (1902-1914)}, year={2007}, url={http://repository.stfkledalero.ac.id/580/}, abstract={In this thesis the author discusses the entire historical process that occurred before and during the negotiation process for the handing over of a part of the mission of the Society of Jesus in Indonesia. The area that was handed over was the Lesser Sunda Islands. What is interesting about this negotiation was the position of the Jesuit missionaries who wanted to keep the island of Flores as their mission area. Even though the island of Flores is located right in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is the center of these islands. The reason behind their attitude was because Flores at that time was a very good mission area. However, Flores was finally handed over in 1914 to the SVDs.} }