@thesis{thesis, author={MOHAMMAD and NONNY and RAFIKA }, title ={Unveiling The Silence of Students in Classroom Discussion}, year={2014}, url={}, abstract={Rafika Paputungan. NIM: 321409010. "Unveiling the Silence of Students in Classroom Discussion". (A research conducted at English Department, students of class D at the fifth semester)". Skripsi. English Department. Letters and Culture Faculty. State University of Gorontalo. 2014. Advisor I: Nonny Basalama, M.A, Ph.D. Advisor II: Moh. Syahrun Ibrahim, S.Pd, M. Ed. Discussion is one of the methods that applied by teacher in teaching and learning English. In class discussion, all the students are participating, learning and listening to other ideas, comments and questions. Based on the fact occurred in English Department students in class D at the fifth semester, many students just keep silence and did not participate during the discussion. Therefore, the objective of this study is to find out factors affecting students' silence in classroom discussion. The method used in this study is qualitative method. The data were collected by observing and interviewing. The participants were only the students who are silent in class discussion. The number of participants is 14 students. Then, the data were analyzed by using some steps such as organized the data; coding; paraphrased/combined the same data and interpretation. Findings of this study show that there are four factors that affect students' silence in classroom discussion namely, linguistics factors, psychological factors, cognitive factors and performance factors. Finally, the researcher hopes this study can give benefits for the students and the teachers in English Department. It is suggested that for future research will be more detailed to further investigate this topic with wider concerns. Key words : Speaking, Classroom Discussion, Students' Silence. } }