@thesis{thesis, author={I and MOHAMMAD and NONNY }, title ={FACTORS AFFECTING EFL STUDENTS' RELUCTANCE IN USING ORAL COMMUNICATION}, year={2013}, url={}, abstract={I Dewa Gede Mantra (2013): “Factors Affecting EFL Students’ Reluctance in Using Oral Communication” This research explored the factors affecting students of English Education Department reluctance in using English in their interaction in the class or outside the class. This research used qualitative research and utilized observation and interview as the instruments in data collection. The participants consisted of two classes in semester six and from the two classes, there were ten participants participated in interview. Based on the result of the research, it was found that students reluctant to speak English because some factors such as anxiety, teacher who teach in the class and classroom condition. Students afraid to make mistake when they tried to speak English to their friends and sometimes the students got negative responded from their friends/interlocutor when they used English in the conversation. Besides, the students would speak English in the class if the teacher asked them to speak English. If the teacher did not ask them to speak English, automatically they would use Indonesia. The classroom that did not convenient to the students made them was not motivated to study in the class. Therefore, they would keep silent in the class in teaching and learning process. Key words: Reluctance, Speak English, Students. } }