@thesis{thesis, author={Kencanawati Dewi and Nurhajati Diani and Setiawan Ridwan}, title ={THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT BASED LEARNING TO INCULCATE THE STUDENTS' LIFE SKILL IN SPEAKING FOR INFORMAL COMMUNICATION AT UNIVERSITY OF NUSANTARA PGRI KEDIRI}, year={2020}, url={http://repository.unpkediri.ac.id/383/}, abstract={In industrial revolution era 4.0, there are 4C skills that students need to be mastered. Those skillsare creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. One important skill is communication, including communication in English. The application of teaching and learning English must be integrated and conected with life skills. Thus, life skills must be trained to students by the English teacher in every step of teaching English. The teachers or lecturers must be able to select a learning model that is appropiate with the standards of teaching and learning process. One of the models is Project Based Learning (PjBL). PjBL is a learning model which ultimately require students to make projects based on the knowledge they have gained. The aims of this research were: (1) Todescribe the learning activities which build students? life skill by using Project Based Learning in Speaking for Informal Communication and (2) To identify and to know what are the students? life skills which have been got by the students in the Speaking for Informal Communication courses and how the process of acquiring life skills during the learning process in Speaking for Informal Communication using Project Based Learning. The type of this research was descriptive qualitative. The researcher took 2 students in Speaking for Informal Communication Course as the subjects of research. The techniques of data collection were observation, interviews and document analysis. Heused methodological or method triangulation to check the validity. This research was conducted from September until November 2019. The results of this study show that the life skills obtained by the students were (1) self-awareness skills and personal life, (2) social skills, (3) thinking skills , (4) academic skills, (5) vocational skills. Those skills were trained when the students created the projects through the steps of PjBL namely speculation, design project, conducting project and evaluation.} }