@thesis{thesis, author={Nugroho Ridho Romi Sekti and Nurhajati Diani and Riwayatiningsih Rika}, title ={THE EFFECT OF TEACHING READING USING MAKE A MATCH TO TENTH GRADE AT MA NEGERI 1 KOTA KEDIRI IN ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020}, year={2020}, url={http://repository.unpkediri.ac.id/388/}, abstract={Reading is one of four language skills. Based on observation, many students in senior high school faced problems in learning reading. They rarely had communication between students in classroom, also the teacher still using lecturing technique. The result, they couldn?t develop their reading skills. Realizing this problems, he choose Make a Match for teaching reading. By using this technique the students can work together and share their knowledge with their friends. This is a quantitative research using experimental research: one- group-pretest-protest. The sample were 35 students from X MIPA 3 at MAN 1 Kota Kediri. The result of this research shows t-test score is 15,494 and t-table score is 2,032. It means the result of t-test was higher than t-table. In other words, there was very significant different between the students before and after been taught using Make a Match. Also this technique can help the students to comprehend the text, answer WH questions, increase the students' activity, avoid students being bored during lesson, and motivates them in learning English.} }