@thesis{thesis, author={Irsyadi and M. RIAN }, title ={DETEKSI KERUSAKAN BANTALAN AKIBAT KOROSI PADA POMPA SENTRIFUGAL MENGGUNAKAN SINYAL SUARA DENGAN PROGRAM MATLAB}, year={2018}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/10070/}, abstract={Corrosion is the decline of the material because it interacts with the environment. The cause of corrosion there are two kinds of chemical processes and the treatment process. Chemical corrosion is a process of ionization that occurs naturally due to the interaction with air. This study aims To identify and understand corrosion bearing damage due to corrosion of centrifugal pumps with predetermined conditions through sound waves using artificial neural network method. This research is conducted by recording bearing sound signals at centrifugal pumps that are exposed to corrosion using a microphone connected to the laptop. The required data is the sound signal frequency of the new pads and bearings corroded by NaCl as much as 3%. The analysis is presented in tables and graphs to see the effect of new bearing variations and corrosive bearings on the research objectives. From the test it is found that there is a maximum and minimum amplitude of each test bearing that shows the limits of detection of the amplitude value every 100 times the test of each bearing. Presentation value of each bearing is 100% new bearing, new second bearing 100%, new bearing 99%, 100% 100% 100% corrosion bearing, 100% second 5% corrosion bearing, 100% third 100% corrosion bearing, corrosion bearing 10 days first 100%, corrosion bearing 10 days second 100%, corrosion bearing 10 third day 100%} }