@thesis{thesis, author={Amir and Irsyadi and RIYANTO ESTI }, title ={DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF FIRING PIN IN WEAPON USING FINITE ELEMENT MODELLING}, year={2018}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/1028/}, abstract={Weapons are one of the main defence systems used by every soldier. Weapons consist of several components those are interrelated with each other, each component of the weapon has its own function, one of the most important components of the weapon is a firing pin, which if the firing pin is broken during the shooting process then the weapon is no longer function. The broken firing pin is occurred because of the high stress concentration due to the repeated impact loads that are achieved by the firing pin. The stress concentration that occurs at the tip and the broken area (distance 3.32 mm) from the tip of the firing pin, the simulation results show that the von-Mises stress at the tip of the firing pin is 308.1 MPa and at the broken area is 135-142 MPa. To reduce the amount of stress concentration that occurs, the redesign of the firing pin is conducted, then continue to simulation process, where the results showed an increase in service life 39.6% with von-Mises stress 302.5 MPa at the tip of the firing pin and at the broken area in the range 81-115 MPa} }