@thesis{thesis, author={M. ADITYA and Rela and Yulia }, title ={ANALISIS PENERAPAN PSAK NO.45 DALAM LAPORAN KEUANGAN PADA LEMBAGA PENYIARAN PUBLIK TVRI SUMATERA SELATAN}, year={2018}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/10295/}, abstract={This study aims to see the application of PSAK 45 on financial Statements at the Broadcasting Agency TVRI South Sumatra. PSAK No.45 is a non-profit organization's financial statements presentation rules that aim to equalize the presentation of nonprofit organization financial statements so that financial statements are easy to understand, relevant, reliable, and have high appeal. The results of the research indicate that the Financial Statement based on PSAK 45 consists of Financial Position Report, Activity Report, Statement of Cash Flow and Notes to Financial Statement. TVRI Sumsel Public Broadcasting Institution does not present the Activity Report in its Financial Statements so that the Financial Reporting fonn of LPP TVRI South Sumatra 1s not exactly the same as set out in PSAK No. 45.} }