@thesis{thesis, author={CINDY RAHMA and Khoiron and Rahmi }, title ={JENIS-JENIS TUMBUHAN PAKU (PTERIDOPHYTA) DI KAWASAN AIR TERJUN JUKUNG KECAMATAN LUBUK LINGGAU SELATAN I DAN SUMBANGANNYA PADA PEMBELAJARAN BIOLOGI DI SMA}, year={2020}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/32352/}, abstract={This research was conducted in the Jukung Waterfall Area, Lubuk Linggau Selatan District I. This research was a descriptive study. Fern (Pteridophyta) which have been found from the Jukung Waterfall Area amounted to 11 species belonging to seven tribes and 11 genera. The fern have been found are Drymoglossum piloselloides, Pityrogramma calomelanos, Phymatosorus scolopendria, Platycerium coronarium, Selaginella variegata, Asplenium nidus, Vittaria lineata, Pteris vittata, Davallia denticulata, Nephrolepis bisserata, Lygodium circinatum, Nephrolepis bisser. Based on the results of the study found that the air temperature in the jukung waterfall area has a major influence on the existence of fern. This is indicated by the temperature in the north of the waterfall which is 18 ? more ferns are found than in the south 22 ?. Contribution of research results to the learning of the Plant World in Biology in Senior High School is in the form of RPP, LKPD, and Booklet.} }