@thesis{thesis, author={DELFIN and Didi Jaya and Ermayanti }, title ={PERBANDINGAN STRUKTUR ANATOMI BERBAGAI TIPE AKAR DAN SUMBANGANNYA PADA PEMBELAJARAN BIOLOGI SMA}, year={2020}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/40653/}, abstract={This study aims to determine the anatomical structure with various types of roots. The research is conducted at the Palembang Biology Education Laboratory from November 1st to February 30th, 2020. The study use a descriptive method. The plant roots use in this study are sticky roots (Radix adligans), breath roots (Pneumatophora), hanging roots (Radix aereus) and supporting roots. Observations are made using a binocular microscope with a magnification of 40 to 400 times. Parameters observed are network type, shape, size, and the number of layers for each network. The results shows that the various types of roots have the same tissue types, namely epidermis, cortex, endodermis and vascular bundles. However, in the epidermis, the adhesive root tissue has a root hair structure that is not owned by other epidermis. Then in the cortex of the breath root tissue has aerenchyma and supporting roots which have fiber bundles in the cortex tissue. Then the root support of the vessel has a characteristic polyark shape. All networks are polyhedral; the size of each network varies greatly; the number of layers per network varies; Hanging roots have a characteristic that is the vascular bundles that form the Polyark star and the supporting roots have fibrous bundles in the cortex network. The cell shape of each tissue is polyhedral and the bundles of the vessels have various types such as closed and open collaterals. The tissue arrangement and cell size of different types of roots are different. Then it can be concluded that in various types of roots there are differences in the characteristics of the network structure due to different specializations of functions. The results of this study are expected to be used as learning materials for Basic Competence 3.3 in the form of LKPD.} }