@thesis{thesis, author={Ade and ALDYS MEICHAL and Amrifan Saladin }, title ={PENGEMBANGAN SISTEM INVENTORY MANAGEMENT RUANG BACA DENGAN METODE COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING (CIM) DI FAKULTAS TEKNIK UNIVERSITAS SRIWIJAYA}, year={2022}, url={https://repository.unsri.ac.id/74247/}, abstract={Technological developments are very helpful and very easy in every line of life, one of which is in the world of education such as higher education institutions. The average higher education institution currently has implemented information systems and technology in the processes in it. , The system of higher education institutions is growing in line with the technology used so that the improvement of the system is a special concern for a campus. There are many aspects on campus that require information systems to manage them, such as student and lecturer data, inventory archive, library, and others. In managing these things, an effective and efficient method is needed, one of which is computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) where CIM is a solution to help inventory management, Computerized systems and related solutions are becoming the most attractive for inventory management and developing systems and taking advantage of these solutions requires a consistent basis. This study examines and develops inventory management in the reading room at the Department of Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Sriwijaya University. The method used is CIM and the program in it uses an application called Senayan Library Management Systems (SLIMS) because this SLIMS application is very suitable for reading room data that will be linked to each other. In conclusion, before the development. The existing system in the four way reading room is still carried out in a conventional way, so it is difficult to find out the stock of books and data circulation so far. So that the data registration process must be carried out starting from the beginning and converting the initial data into digital data, where all the data is entered into SLIMS and SLIMS becomes an application to manage the inventory management system in the reading room} }