Translation Of The Toba Batak Language Poem Into Bahasa Indonesia
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Universitas Negeri Medan
Jenni Ribka Sitorus (STUDENT ID : 2151220028)
Amrin Saragih (LECTURER ID : 0013015502)
Fauziah Khairani Lubis (LECTURER ID : 0123047403)
GN537 Ethnic groups and races 
2022-01-20 03:22:11 
Abstract :
This study aims to analyze the linguistic features (part of speech) from the translation, to investigate the similarities and differences, describe the realization of the similarities and differences and give the reasons for the similarities and differences of the Toba Batak language poem. It uses the Saragih theory. In analyzing the data, the research was conducting by using descriptive qualitative method. The data were taken from the poem titled Ulosi Rohangki by Henra Nainggolan which consist of Batak Toba and Bahasa. In translation of the Toba Batak Language Poem the result are the similarities in translating found Noun is translated into Noun (25 Males/25 Females) and Noun is translated into Verb (25 Males/25 Females), Verb is translated into Verb (25 Males/25 Females), the differences in translating found Adjective is translated into Adverb (4 Males/20 Females) and Adjective is translated into Adjective (16 Males/5 Females). Males tend translate with logic and females translate with feelings. 
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