The Use Of Slide Series For Teaching Narrative Text To Tenth Grades Of Sma N 1 Mayong Jepara In The Academic Years 2016-2017
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Universitas Muria Kudus
Pm, Angga Nanda
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2017-04-03 02:00:45 
Abstract :
Writing is an interaction of the reader’s text-based and knowledge-based processes. to understand what the text say and the situation model of interpretation (to understand what it is about. In teaching reading, the teacher needs to choose the most suitable media in order to gain the effective teaching and learning process. This research aims to describe the implementation of Slide Series as one of media to improve the reading skill and to describe the process of teaching learning by usingSlide Series of the eighth grade in SMA N 1Mayong Jepara in the academic year 2016-2017. It is also conducted to find the improvement of the students’ writing skill. This research is a Classroom Action Researchthat consists of two cycles. Each cycle consists of four stages: planning, acting, observing and reflecting. The writer conducts the research collaboratively with the English teacher. The subject of the research is 38 students from tenth grade of Tenth Social 5 class in SMA N 1mayong Jepara. The instruments in this research are observation sheet and reading test. Based on the finding of the research, the students’ average score in Pre-cycle is 68,45 and the category is sufficient. Here, the students’ average score is under the KKM (76). While in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2, the students’ average score are improved to be 70,95 and 73,35 and the category is good. In Cycle 1 there are 22 students who get lower score than KKM and in Cycle 2 there are 7 students who get lower score than KKM. In process of teaching the students by usingSlide Series, there are some improvements. The teacher makes better changes in teaching his students. He and the researcher also collaboratively evaluate and compose the procedure of teaching and complete the partsSlide Series for best teaching result. Based on the result of the the students’ activity with Slide Series as the media in learning reading is also positive. They enjoy and can practice English more by doing the activity in a group. The researcher then stops the cycle because thus findings answer the success indicators of the research. From the facts above, the researcher concludes that Slide Series can be a choice for teacher in teaching reading especially for Narrative text. By using this media in teaching, the students can understand the English text more and enjoy the teaching and learning process.  
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