Pengalaman Dosen dalam Menerapkan Perilaku Caring selama Proses Belajar Mengajar di Jurusan Keperawatan Politeknik Kesehatan Medan
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Universitas Sumatera Utara
Hasibuan, Ida Suryani (STUDENT ID : 137046008)
(LECTURER ID : 0020077102)
(LECTURER ID : 0015067901)
Caring Behavior 
2022-11-28 02:39:20 
Abstract :
Caring generally means the ability to dedicate for other people, alert supervision, paying attention, empathetic feeling for other people, and love or affection of nurses . Caring in nursing education occurs when an instructor shows his caring during his teaching. Caring behavior often occurs in little and not excessive actions such as listening to students attentively, providing time, asking and appreciating students' opinion in class, treating all students fairly and equally, and giving reward to students' good performance. The objective of the research was to explore deeply instructors' experience in applying instructors' caring behavior during the learning-teaching process in class and laboratory. The research used descriptive phenomenological method with Colaizzi analysis method. The samples were twelve instructors. The data were gathered by conducting in-depth interviews, observation, and field records. The result of the analysis showed that there were five themes and two additional themes which described instructors' experience in applying caring behavior during the learning-teaching process. The five themes were concerned with instructors' experience m Nursing department of Politeknik Kesehatan, Medan, which included 1) showing high caring to students, 2) showing god communication to student 3) giving positive support to students,4) shows mutual respect between lecturers and students, 5) shows the relationship of trust between lecturers and students: the two themes included the obstacles and expectation for instructors in applying caring behavior during learning-teaching process. It is recommended that instructors should improve their caring behavior toward students, and nursing administration administrator should study more the policy of the institution which can influence instructors' good caring behavior in the learning-teaching process and educational administration. 

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