Perancangan Sistem Persediaan Bahan Kimia Proses pada Pengolahan Kulit Reptil dan Ikan di PT. Yakita Mulia-Medan
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Universitas Sumatera Utara
Sofian, Sofian (STUDENT ID : 047025008)
(LECTURER ID : 8800140017)
(LECTURER ID : 0010105507)
2022-12-22 07:05:26 
Abstract :
Sofian, 2007. Inventory System Design of Chemical-Processing Material for the Making of Reptile and Marine Leather at PT. Y akita Mulia-Medan, under the supervision of Prof Dr. Ir. Sukaria Sinulingga, M. Eng (Chief) and Ir. Mangara M. Tambunan, MSc (member). PT. Yakita Mulia, as a company mainly on the business of Reptile and Marine Leather Industry with export orientation, is strongly attached to the global market competition. The company is demanded to have an effective and efficient management, including the inventory system and the quality of products that can meet customer's requirements. The significant problem noticed currently is in the inventory system of chemical-processing material which is not effective and efficient yet, where in such a way, influencing the unacceptable cost of production significantly, which is off course need to be fixed with correct and suitable methods. TI1ere are 63 items of chemical -processing material inventory data collected, and only those items that consumed 80% of the total cost are to be discussed, which are 19 items only. TI1e sales data for three years are used as basic data to support the forecasting and data-processing of the chemical-processing material collected. The result of the research discussed in this thesis has proven that the inventory system of chemical-processing material in this company is not effective and efficient yet. The selection of the most suitable model to be implemented from several alternatives finally came to Statistical Order Point Model, which is also used as the basic model for designing the recording mechanism and inventory control system of chemical-processing material with the support of integrated computer program of on line system. This company would be able to enhance the ability to survive in the global market competition by doing some improvement on the inventory system of chemical-processing material, by implementing the suitable model and doing some necessary changes, in order to make sure that the implementation can work effectively and efficiently. 

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