Perancangan Sistem Pengoperasian dan Pemeliharaan Mesin Berdasarkan Pendekatan Reliability Engineering dan Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) di PT. Ima Montaz Sejahtera
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Universitas Sumatera Utara
Syarifuddin, Syarifuddin (STUDENT ID : 077025009)
(LECTURER ID : 8800140017)
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2022-12-22 07:59:58 
Abstract :
The more competitive industrial development demanding competition in productivity which becomes one of the benchmarks of a success of an industry that it needs to improve the availability of machinery and human resources that can support the process of production within the framework to produce the qualified product and competitive cost of the product of the same kind PT. Ima Montaz Sejahtera is a company producing a bottled drinking water product. The low productivity resulted from a high breakdown in cup machine was caused by the high failure of machine components that its impact on the company was that the company could not achieve its production targets set in its Work and Budget Plan. This incident accoured because the company still applies the corrective maintenance system besides the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Applied was less effective and efficient in operating and maintaining the machines. Of the research result obtained that based on data processing and analysis, the machine maintenance system and the schedule of routine maintenance for critical components and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the operation and maintenance of the machine as well as the clear job description and responsibility for the workers were found, 

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