TA : Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Administrasi Pembelian dan Pemakaian Barang Pada PT Suparma
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Universitas Dinamika
Sidharta, Sonny
Titik Lusiani (LECTURER ID : .)
Henry Bambang Setyawan (LECTURER ID : .)
650 Management & auxiliary services 
2015-03-09 03:34:24 
Abstract :
PT Suparma is processing paper company located in Karang Pilang District, Surabaya. In carrying out its operations PT Suparma use devices, such as paper machine, laminating machine, forklift and tools supporting other operations. In order for the equipment to work properly it needs regular maintenance and in the event of damage will require replacement parts. Damaged parts can be replaced by using the replacement parts are available in spare parts warehouse, but if not available it is necessary to purchase to the supplier. Management of purchasing activities and the use of spare parts shall be the duty and responsibility of the spare parts warehouse. In the administration of the buying process and use of the goods, there are difficulties regarding the recording of any work that has been done, the data sharing of any parts that require information and supervise the activities of purchase and consumption of goods. Based on the description above, it is necessary that a computerized administration applications to help solve problems such as administrative processes of recording the purchase and use of goods. The administration application can also provide reports that can assist management in monitoring the activities in purchase and use of goods. With the Application Administration Purchasing Goods and Use of this it is concluded that the application is able to assist the process of recording using a paperless transactional database. Other benefits that can help users or employees in general goods, spare parts warehouse staff, purchasing staff, and management involved in sharing information regarding the administration of the purchase and use of goods. 
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