THE EFFECT OF GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, LIQUIDITY AND RENTABILITY ON THE VALUE OF COMPANY (Case Study of Companies Listed on Index LQ-45 in Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2015-2019)
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Universitas Hasanuddin
Wisnu Mahardika R Mahardika R (STUDENT ID : A31116812)
Dr. Alimuddin, MM.,Ak. MM.,Ak. (LECTURER ID : 0008125902)
Dr. Syamsuddin, SE.Ak.,M.Si.CA SE.Ak.,M.Si.CA (LECTURER ID : 0014046701)
HG Finance 
2020-12-10 03:07:08 
Abstract :
This study aims to determine the effect of good corporate governance (GCG), liquidity and rentability the value of companies listed on LQ-45 on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research methodology uses quantitative research with secondary data methods. The sampling technique used purposive sampling method with certain considerations with a total of 19 entities as the sample. The analytical method used is descriptive analysis and data analysis using multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this study indicate that good corporate governance, liquidity and rentability simultaneously have a positive effect on firm value. effect of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, and profitability, respectively, have a negative effect on firm value. 
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